What's Up, Doc? Songs to celebrate that exam

Apr 12, 2012

This week we play Doctor, examining those practitioners of psychiatry, proctology and podiatry with our chilly stethoscopes. Now bend over a bit, this may feel a little uncomfortable…

Dr. Kildaire, Marcus Welby, Dr. Feelgood, they’re all in this week’s episode, but our all-time favorite doctors have to be The Three Stooges. It’s Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard in “Men In Black”, well worth 18 minutes of your precious time:

The doctor features prominently in Harry Nilsson’s classic song “Coconut”, but a closer look at the lyrics show that “lime and coconut” is both the cause and the cure of the ailment.

One of the best-known medical musical hits was this demented bit from David Seville, performed live here on The Ed Sullivan Show “Witch Doctor:

One of the most memorable Doctors on television was Star Trek’s temperamental but lovable DeForest Kelley.  He reminded us that doctors weren’t always perfect.