Wash. Ethics Board Settles On 12 Lobbyist-Paid Meals Per Year Max

Aug 20, 2014

Washington lawmakers will be allowed to accept a dozen lobbyist-paid meals per year, but no more, according to a new vote by the state’s Legislative Ethics Board.

On the low side, one board member proposed a limit of three free meals a year. On the high side there was a proposal to allow two dozen a year. Even the compromise of 12 lobbyist-paid meals per year did not receive a unanimous vote. The vote is also not a final rule. That will come this October when the board meets again.

But it does appear that for the first time, Washington lawmakers will have clear guidance on what it means when state law says they can accept free meals on an “infrequent” basis. Until now, that word ‘infrequent’ had not been defined.

The ethics board took up the issue of free meals for lawmakers following our reporting with the Associated Press last year.