Video of Tacoma housing project goes viral, gets it wrong

Jul 27, 2011

An attack video claiming to expose a housing development in Tacoma "built for illegal immigrants!" has been played more than 300,000 times on YouTube. There’s only one problem, the Tacoma News Tribune reports, it’s completely wrong about almost everything.

About five months ago, reports the news organization, William B. Mount and a woman named Jane drove through the Salishan development on Tacoma’s East Side “with a video camera and a big box of misinformation.”

The two created a 10-minute commentary on the mixed use and mixed-income redevelopment project and proceeded to stir up a great deal of vitriol. Tacoma Housing Authority and Tacoma City Council members are getting e-mails from people hot over what he calls misuse of Social Security funds.

For the complete and thorough debunking of this video, see the story in the Tribune.

Here is a YouTube video showing the original development of Salishan: