Video: Air-to-ground firefighting footage near Wenatchee

Sep 18, 2012

This 3-minute video (below) provides a unique perspective of the wildfire mission from a Washington Army National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter as it scoops up water with its 660 gallon bucket, flies through smoke-filled skies and drops it on the flames below, according to a press release from the Washington National Guard.

From the Washington National Guard press release:

Washington Army National Guard helicopters have dropped more than 132,000 gallons on the blaze so far.  The pilots and crew of the responding aircraft are members of the Washington Army National Guard's 66th Theater Aviation Command.

The same unit responded to the Taylor Bridge fire last month and dropped over 632,000 gallons of water in support of that firefighting mission.  The pilots and crew have been specially trained and certified for water bucket missions by the U.S. Forest Service.

The citizen soldiers and airmen of The Washington National Guard are dedicated to the mission of safeguarding lives and property in Washington State, and serving as sentinels for freedom overseas. Our citizen soldiers and airmen come from every community, profession and background from around the State - we are Neighbors Helping Neighbors Through a Tradition of Service.