Vandals attack Olympia police station, again

Jun 1, 2012

Nine windows were broken at Olympia’s west-side police station early Wednesday morning, said police spokeswoman Laura Wohl.

Based on the patterns of the broken glass Wohl reasoned that a hammer or a similar tool was used to break the windows.

Currently no suspects, motives or leads have been identified, but the police suspect anarchists are behind the vandalism.

“We can’t definitively say but we can speculate that anarchists are responsible for these attacks based on past evidence,” says Wohl.

This was the fourth attack on Olympia’s west-side station.

In 2011, vandals hit the station and two patrol vehicles and that incident was followed by an arson attack. The culprits lit the precinct’s back door on fire.

The third attack occurred on December 2011 when the station was tagged with graffiti.

“Anarchist signs and anti-police slogans were painted around the building,” says Wohl.

Locks were also filled with glue during this incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Olympia police at 360-753-8300.