Update: Tacoma teachers will stay on strike

Sep 15, 2011

Teachers in Washington state's third-largest school district have voted overwhelmingly to remain on strike, in defiance of a judge's order that they return to work.

Some 93 percent of the nearly 1,600 Tacoma School District teachers meeting in the Tacoma Dome arena today said they wanted to continue picketing. The teachers walked out Tuesday.

As teachers left the Tacoma Dome where the vote was taken, they were met by roughly 100 parents and students chanting "Teacher power!" and giving high-fives to teachers who had just cast their votes.


This morning, Tacoma school district officials said they didn't have enough staff to open the city's schools.

A Superior Court judge on Wednesday issued an injunction ordering the teachers back to the classroom. But union leaders say the court order only applies to its leaders.

On Thursday morning, enough teachers decided to continue picketing to stop classes.

The teachers walked out over issues that include pay and how teachers are transferred. About 28,000 students are being kept at home during the strike.