Update: Ron Sims leaving HUD, won't run for Wash. governor

Jun 14, 2011

Former King County Executive Ron Sims has told his staff at the Department of Housing and Urban Development that he is leaving his D.C. post to return to Seattle. That move, announced one day after Gov. Chris Gregoire said she will not seek a third term, had some wondering if Sims is eyeing the governor’s mansion.

However, Sims told the Seattle Times that he will not run for the office and in fact hopes to volunteer to help Rep. Jay Inslee should he announce a bid for the governorship.

Sims plans to leave his post in the Obama administration at the end of July, the Seattle Times reports. Sims announced in February of 2009 that he was leaving his position as King County Executive, which he held for 12 years, for the Obama administration appointment.

Sims cited the personal difficulty of living thousands of miles away from his family, saying it was "a burden I no longer wish to endure." He also posted an announcement on his Facebook page. Sims gave no immediate indication of his future plans.

Here is the statement from HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan (via the TNT):

“I wish Deputy Secretary Ron Sims the very best as he leaves HUD and returns to his native Washington state. Even before Ron Sims joined HUD, I’d heard of this bold and visionary leader from Seattle who was nationally recognized for his work on transportation, climate, health care reform and urban development.

It wasn’t just his breadth of experience that made him the perfect fit for HUD. It was also the fact that he brought an unmatched level of energy to everything that he does. Ron has the unique ability to connect with, inspire and motivate anyone.

HUD could not have accomplished all that we’ve accomplished without Ron’s leadership. And his contributions to the agency were at great sacrifice to himself and the family he left behind in Seattle. For two years, Ron gave it his all. I thank Ron for the sacrifices he, his wife Cyan and the entire family made, and for the human touch and passion he brought to helping those in need.”