UI officials met with Benoit on the day she was murdered

Aug 26, 2011

On the day she was killed, University of Idaho graduate student Katy Benoit met with university officials about the complaint she had filed against former assistant professor Ernesto Bustamante, and university officials cautioned her to remain vigilant and seek out help if she had any safety concerns.

That's according to information released Friday by the university. Bustamante was the former faculty member who was the suspect in Benoit's murder this past Monday. He was found dead from an apparent self- inflicted gun-shot wound.

At a press conference Friday, UI President Duane Nellis said that he had spoken to Benoit's parents and that the safety of students was always his top priority.

"As the President of the University of Idaho, I am going to do absolutely everything I can to make sure our campus community is as safe as possible," he says.

Nellis says he's asking for a court order to allow the UI to release Bustamante’s personal information.

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