Two unlikely advocates meet

Mar 12, 2012

Two interesting young men from opposite sides of the country ran into each other in southern Louisiana last week.

Both men coincidently crossed paths in Franklin, La. as they trekked across the country east-to-west and west-to-east.

23-year-old Andrew Forsthoefel of Chadds Ford, Pa. and 36-year-old George Throop of Vancouver, Wa shared stories of their journeys over bananas and water in a true vagabond nature.

Forsthoefel began his journey on Oct. 14, 2011 for one reason in particular—to celebrate the stories that each individual has to offer.

“Every one of us has an extraordinary story worth hearing, and I’m walking the country to listen,” said Forsthoefel on his blog.

Throop on the other hand began his cross-country pilgrimage on Sept.  20, 2009 to honor his mother who died of cancer and inspire everyone who crosses his path to take positive steps towards personal growth in their own lives. 

“I’m walking 20 miles a day rain or shine. I ask you to please walk 20 minutes a day,” implored Throop on his video blog.

Both men’s inspirational cross-country journey’s can be tracked on their online blogs.


Throop’s blog                        Forsthoefel’s blog