Tweeting for stolen cars

Dec 1, 2010

Seattle police are tweeting for stolen cars.  They’re using Twitter to get the word out whenever a theft is reported. Police say making use of the popular social networking site just makes sense. 

Lt. Mike Edwards says it puts the information out there immediately and it means a lot more eyes will be on the streets looking for the vehicles.

"7000 eyes in addition to all of our officers. For those people out stealing cars now, in the back of their mind that that car within moments of them stealing it, someone is aware and looking for it more than just a police car," said Edwards.

If you see one of the stolen cars, you’re asked to call 9-1-1. You can get the tweets by following the police department’s Twitter account called “get your car back.” 

There are 3,000 vehicles stolen in Seattle each year.  That’s down considerably from what it was a few years ago when the city was number one in the nation for auto theft.