Trouble On The Air: As Radio Station Burns, Listener Dials 9-1-1

Oct 29, 2016

Anacortes, Washington is home to a tight-knit and lively local music scene and prolific indie musician Karl Blau has long been at the center of it. He released over 30 albums in the his nearly 20-year career.

Blau's latest project was an all-ages music venue and online radio station called the Anacortes Music Channel. He created it to highlight and support local music. The space, housed in a beautiful old brick building in downtown Anacortes, became a hub for the small town’s artists.

One night last December, the Anacortes Music Channel became a lifeline for Blau. Sound Effect producer Allie Ferguson brings us this story about how the online radio station unexpectedly broadcast a surprise fire in this special space - and how one listener saved the day.