'Tis the season to lose your smartphone

Dec 6, 2012

The holidays are time of joy. But it’s also prime time for losing things.

According to a study commissioned by Seattle-based online backup company Mozy, smartphones top the list of lost items.

You're most likely to lose something at 6 p.m. on a Saturday in December. Keep that in mind when you're reaching for the eggnog.

Mozy finds the transition from work to weekend during the holiday season, with all the shopping, celebrations and travel, appears to create the perfect conditions for loss.

Mozy’s research surveyed 3,500 people in the US and Europe. Here’s the list of top ten missing items:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Jewelry
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Keys
  5. Bank/credit card
  6. Clothing
  7. Umbrella
  8. Purse/wallet
  9. ID
  10. Paperwork

The study found the average person loses about $250 worth of items every year. But, thanks to the kindness of strangers, about 55% of those items find their way back to their owners.

What have you lost this year? And did you get it back?