Tiny central Washington high school competes for Obama commencement speech

Apr 25, 2011

Do you remember who delivered your high school graduation speech? If the students of Bridgeport High School get their wish, they almost certainly will.

The high school in the north central Washington town of Bridgeport is one of six in the country competing to have President Obama deliver their commencement speech.

The public is being asked to view student-produced videos about the schools and rate them to determine the winner.

Bridgeport High - home of the Mustangs, by the way - only has about 200 students. Ninety percent of them are Hispanic. The school has a graduation rate of 94 percent and the majority of them take college level or advanced placement classes.

“One of the students said he’d never worked so hard in his life,” Bridgeport Superintendent Scott Sattler told the Wenatchee World. “They never really had a breakdown moment until the very end, when they realized MTV (who trained the students to shoot and edit video) were leaving."

The students say having the president speak at graduation will show the nation what they and other students from poor and minority backgrounds can achieve.

Voting, which takes place at www.whitehouse.gov/commencement, ends Friday and Obama will decide which high school he’ll address this spring.