'Three Cups' author Mortenson mismanaged group

Apr 5, 2012

HELENA, Mont. — An investigative report has concluded that "Three Cups of Tea" author Greg Mortenson mismanaged the charity he co-founded to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Montana Attorney General's office report released Thursday found Mortenson spent Central Asia Institute money on personal items, family vacations and charter flights.

It says Mortenson's control went largely unchallenged by the two other board members.

The yearlong investigation says CAI still has a strong financial outlook, but it needs better oversight so that too much control is not in one person's hands.

A settlement agreement says Mortenson has already been removed as executive director and calls for additional changes to the organization's structure.

It also requires Mortenson to reimburse the charity more than $1 million. He has already repaid nearly half that amount.