Thiel: Seahawks' Road To The Super Bowl Began With Miserable 2009 Season

Jan 31, 2014

How did the Seahawks end up in Super Bowl? Thank the team’s abysmal 2009 season, says KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel.

Art says that miserable season led the Seahawks to fire both their general manager Tim Ruskell and first-year coach Jim Mora. The team, which had a short list of candidates for general manager, made Pete Carroll an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“He agreed to take the job and take the list of four that they provided him. Included in this four was John Schneider, the general manager who has been the architect of this team that’s going to be in the Super Bowl,” said Art.

“So they went from a miserable 5-and-11 season in 2009 to the Super Bowl in four year by making over 400 transactions to get where they are today. And it happened only because the Seahawks were miserable that season, allowing them to do something dramatic.”

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