Sweating to the oldies, but letting the records do the spinning

Aug 25, 2011

Music and working out seem to go together. But instead of working out this week we burn calories with a quick trip down the (short) memory lane of notable exercise music. (Please consult a physician before attempting any of these exercises. If you fracture your fundibula, we can’t be responsible.)

It’s hard to imagine fitness legend Jack La Lanne without his trusty organist Dave Bacal:

There’s a good chance Jack was 20 or 30 years ahead of his time. He started doing workouts on television in 1951 and kept it up until 1985. By that time it would have hard for him to compete with the likes of Jane Fonda. Here’s Jane’s Workout from 1982:  

With body-consciousness at a peak, that same year Olivia Newton-John had a monster hit with this sort-of-but-not-really-sexy MTV video:

And to show that music is also good for eating, Junk Food Junkie, from Larry Groce: