Super Bowl preview: There's no sense in trying to predict

Feb 2, 2012

The Seattle Seahawks will be watching the Super Bowl this weekend from the sidelines, as the New England Patriots take on the New York Giants. The Seahawks manhandled the Giants during the regular season, but went on to finish with a losing record while the Giants made an amazing season-ending run.

How did this happen? Art Thiel tells us that if you try to predict the outcome of an entire season based on a small sample of it, you usually end up wrong.

The talent among NFL teams is so close that “the difference between 10 (wins) and 6 (losses) and 6 and 10 is a handful of plays per year," Art says. Those plays did not go in the Seahawks favor this year, and that was a primary factor in Seattle not making the playoffs.
Who did Art and Kevin pick to win the Super Bowl? Click the Listen button above to hear the whole interview and find out.