Student DJs Paul Jaton And Ethan Schmidt

Jun 8, 2017

Everett High School seniors Paul Jaton and Ethan Schmidt are KNKX's guest student DJs for June.

Paul weighs in:

Which instrument do you play and why?

I play drums because I was always drawn to rhythm, and I like to hit things hard!


What's your all-time favorite jazz piece?

"All Of Me" by Duke Ellington.


Who is your jazz hero?

Papa Jo Jones.


Why jazz?

It is a really unique and special way to express my feelings. I can tell a story with other people in a way that is true to myself.   

Get to know Ethan:

Which instrument do you play and why?

I play the upright bass, because I switched to bass in middle school since that spot had to be filled. Ever since then, I’ve loved being the groove and low-end of the band.

What’s your all-time favorite jazz piece?

My all-time favorite jazz piece is probably "All Blues" by Miles Davis—it has such a unique groove and mood to it.

Who is your jazz hero?

My jazz hero is Tigran Himasyan, a pianist from Armenia. He writes melodies like no other, and plays with rhythms a lot. He inspires me to be more innovative in my writing.

Why jazz?

Jazz is satisfying in a way like no other music is, because of its technical aspects and unique chords. Improvisation also pushes the musician to play in a whole new way, which is a really fun concept to me.


“SENOR MOUSE” Warren Wolf (Warren Wolf)

“SONG FOR MELAN AND RAFIK” Tigran Hamasyan (Mockroot)

“BOPLICITY” Miles Davis (Birth Of The Cool)

“SUMMER HILL” Brazilian Octopus (Brazilian Octopus)

“HAAS KICKER” T.R.A.M. (Lingua Franca)

“AUTUMN LEAVES” Chet Baker (She Was Too Good To Me)

“HUMPTY DUMPTY” Chick Corea (The Mad Hatter)

“MILESTONES” Miles Davis (Milestones)

“ONE FOR LENNY” Warren Wolf (Warren Wolf)

“ROAD SONG” Tigran Hamasyan (Road Song)