Stirring it up in stoneware bowls

Oct 12, 2011

Which would you rather mix up some cake or waffle batter in? 

My birthday present, that stoneware beauty pictured above, or some soulless plastic thing?

No contest. I like stoneware better. Sure, it's heavy, though I prefer to describe it as "substantial." And yeah, if you try really hard, it's breakable. But until my wrists finally give out I'm going to keep using stoneware  just for the aesthetic pleasure I get from working with it.

Stoneware is also nice for drinking out of. You can enjoy a cool one and get some upper body exercise hoisting one of these stoneware beer mugs.  

Stoneware and plastic are not  incompatible. In this week's Food for Thought Seattle Times food blogger Nancy Leson reveals that she always cops those hotel room plastic shower caps to take home and use as covers for her stoneware bowls.  Unlike plastic wrap, you can wash and re-use them.  Good tip.  Here's one from me:

Never try to catch a falling knife.

"Mixing bowl set designed to please a cook with round bottom."

– classified ad.