State Pot License Investigators to Look for 'Hidden Ownership'

Nov 12, 2013

Pot entrepreneurs in Washington can apply for a business license beginning Monday, Nov. 18. The state now has a team of 14 license investigators ready to vet the applicants.

Becky Smith with the Washington Liquor Control Board says investigators will be sleuthing for hidden owners and out-of-state financial backers, as well as other violations of the rules.

“So we’re going to ask for bank statements. We’re going to ask for tax returns. We’re going to ask them where they received their money from and all those folks have to be from the state of Washington," she said. 

The agency will first process applications for marijuana producers and processors. There will be a lottery for the 334 marijuana retail licenses statewide. The license application window is 30 days.

Before any marijuana business can open, the state will conduct an on-site inspection. Washington voters approved legalized recreational marijuana last year.