In State of the City, Seattle mayor focuses on economic recovery

Feb 21, 2012

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn delivered his third State of the City Address today focusing on education, public safety, and the economy – noting that the city was knocked down pretty hard during the recession.

He said Seattle lost 35,000 jobs with unemployment peaking at 8.2 percent. But progress has been made.

Since the bottom of the recession, McGinn says 18,000 jobs have been created and the unemployment rate is now approximately  6.6 percent. Still, he says, there’s much more to do:

“There are children in this city who aren’t graduating school or if they are, they aren’t prepared for college or a career. Too many people don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods. Our transit system has to be better. Global warming still looms over us all.”

McGinn also warned that the economic storm isn’t over. The city faces another budget shortfall in 2013 and more state and federal cuts are on their way. He said that bringing new investment to Seattle is a priority, noting his discussions about a new sports arena with hedge fund manager Chris Hansen.

Anyone who approaches the city asking for help to invest in the city, he said, will be taken seriously.

The mayor also address the issues of crime and made an impassioned call for the legalization of marijuana.

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