Special Radio Report: Now that marijuana is legal, what's next?

Nov 16, 2012

Now that marijuana’s about to be legal, you might be wondering more about the details, how this will actually play out across Washington state.

KPLU reporters have created a special audio report by expanding our original series of stories, which takes you on a wide-ranging tour of how legalized marijuana will impact society, from routine traffic stops to intimate family discussions, from pot farms to public consumption.

Four fuzzy images are coming into focus:

  • The federal government actually has a lot of options in choosing how to respond, but the pressure to interrupt the legalization experiments in Washington and Colorado will probably intensify.
  • The Washington Liquor Control Board, and Governor-elect Jay Inslee, will have their hands full creating a marijuana infrastructure, from scratch, in the next few months.
  • The legal impacts are the most immediate, but maybe not the most significant. The number of people charged for marijuana possession, without any other legal factors, is pretty small. For those individuals, it’s of huge importance, but for the legal system, maybe not.
  • For parents and children, there’s a lot to learn, and good reason to watch how the law is implemented in 2014.

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