Songs for each day of the week (except Wednesday)

Dec 30, 2010

The roulette wheel spins wildly for this last time in 2010, and lands on: the days of the week.

John Maynard and John Kessler stroll through the 7 days of the week on Record Bin Roulette and find some imbalances: certain days are just a little more popular than others. Can you guess which?

Here's a sampling of the vinyl review of the days of the week:

  • Monday is the 'big daddy' of weekday songs. Name three. We bet you can!
  • Tuesday is a real good news day. That is until the afternoon, when it gets even better.
  • Wednesday songs would be full of woe, were there any. Can you come up with one? Let us know with your comment below.
  • Thursday gets its own picnic.
  • Friday gets a kick from someone whose boots were made for walking.
  • Saturday is a little like Monday, a day you can quickly recall in popular song.
  • Sunday is immortalized with a 'kind of love'

These days of our lives, and so much more, is open for your review at