Smartphone app available for Washington election results

Nov 5, 2012

All you political junkies with iPhones and Android devices … there’s an app waiting for you.

The election results mobile app from the Washington Secretary of State’s office will give you up-to-date results for all federal, state and local races. The secretary of state’s office released the iPhone app two years ago and added the Android one this year because of strong demand.

Shane Hamlin is co-director of elections for the state. He says this is part of his office’s push to deliver more information online.

“We know that’s where voters are – that’s why a lot of states are moving to online voter registration, now 13 states have that because they know that people are online, that people expect to interact with their government online, just like they do their banking online and many other transactions and interactions online.”

The mobile app allows you to tailor the display so you can get updates on the races you care most about. Hamlin says that since the beginning of August, the app has been downloaded almost 5,000 times, and he expects a big surge of downloads tomorrow.

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