Slaying dragons and other pop song suffering

Jan 12, 2012

This week we learned that it’s good to be the king. But it’s a long road from being a lord or lady to becoming a duke, princess or king. Along the way there are dragons to slay and pop songs to suffer through.

Notably this one from the Rolling Stones about Lady Jane Grey, who lasted an entire 9 days before losing her head:

Some marriages just aren’t meant to last, especially when you are Henry VIII. Herman’s Hermits have a song just for the occasion:

44 of the world’s 196 countries are monarchies, meaning they have some sort of royalty scenario going on. We might be okay with that as long as Gene Chandler gets to be Duke:

You don’t need a country to be a king, here’s a bona fide King of the Forest:

We couldn’t make up something as bizarre as Queen For a Day. Maybe it’s time to bring this one back:  

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