Shaken, not stirred: 50 years of James Bond

Dec 27, 2012

Here's the dazzling new VIDEO version of RBR:

50 years ago James Bond hit the big screen with Dr. No, and with it’s heady cocktail of intrigue, treachery and sex, pretty much set the standard for every spy movie to follow.

Here’s the trailer for Dr. No from 1962: 

Just as Sean Connery was the definitive secret agent, Monty Norman’s “James Bond Theme” is still the ultimate piece of spy music. With its blend of brassy jazz and distorted electric guitar, the theme perfectly conveys Bond’s personality --swaggering, dangerous, and sexy.

By the 3rd Bond film, the producers started the practice of using a major pop star to sing the movie theme. Shirley Bassey got the call for “Goldfinger”:

This is an astounding live clip from the 1960’s of Tom Jones performing “Thunderball”:

While many of the Bond tunes reached the pop charts, we were surprised to find that only one song made it to #1. Imagine our disappointment when we learned it was…Duran Duran.