Seattle's New Gay Mayor, Socialist Council Member To Be Sworn In

Jan 6, 2014

As many as 2,000 people are expected to attend the inauguration of the city's first gay mayor and its first modern-day socialist council member at City Hall today.

Both candidates were officially sworn in during a private ceremony on Jan. 1. Today's ceremonial event is open to the public, and takes place in the City Hall lobby at 3:30 p.m.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, a former state senator, is  the city’s first gay mayor and was the architect of Washington’s landmark same-sex marriage law. After the law passed in 2012, Murray married his longtime partner, Michael Shiosaki.

An even bigger draw for the national and international news organizations that plan to cover the swearing in is Kshama Sawant, the first socialist in recent times to be elected to the Seattle City Council.

Since the election, Sawant has been featured in stories all over the world, including the New York Times. She also made Salon's list of the five biggest political heroes of 2013, along with New York Mayor Bill di Blasio and the Pope.

Sawant and Murray have also drawn media coverage for some of their progressive political stands. Both have pledged to pass a $15 per hour minimum wage in 2014.