A Seattle Woman Can’t Let Go Of Her Dream To Build A Hearse For Barbie

Nov 18, 2017

"You Can do anything in the Barbie Dream Hearse, except smoke” laughs Kat Taylor as we enter the world of white leather with pink accents.

Perhaps you’ve seen it, The Barbie Dream Hearse, driving around Seattle, shuttling people around who might be watching a movie in the back, or pouring another glass of champagne from the ice bucket. The white hearse turned party limo is hard to miss.  

It all started with a play on words.

“The words Barbie Dream Hearse were funny to me,” says Kat, “Because, Barbie has a dream house and a dream horse. Wouldn’t it be funny to just kill this image of the perfect blond buxom standing on her tiptoes with the fake tan?”

In this interview with Sound Effect’s Gabriel Spitzer, Kat Taylor talks about what motivated her to spend thousands of dollars transforming this old Cadillac, and the unexpected joy it brings to the streets of Seattle.