Seattle vigil for victims in Norway

Jul 27, 2011

The Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard was packed last night as hundreds gathered to pray, sing and offer their condolences to the people of Norway. The Vigil of Remembrance, as it was called, was organized by the Museum, the Honorary Consul of Norway and the Pacific Lutheran University.

Quotes from the vigil:

"After five dark years (of Nazi occupation) Norway came out of WWII determined to rebuild a great country based on its democratic values.  I am certain that the same determination will help us once again."

                Kim Nesselquist, Consul of Norway

"Americans, Norwegian Americans and Norwegians are, if nothing else, a resolute and determined, some might even say stubborn, people and it is one of our great strengths."

                  Dr. Loren Anderson, President of Pacific Lutheran University

"May time heal this terrible heartbreak and may Norway remain the beacon of tolerance and light to the world."

                One of the messages written to the government of Norway