Seattle vigil for Amanda Knox supporters ends ecstatically

Oct 3, 2011

SEATTLE – Hometown friends and supporters of Amanda Knox kept an early morning vigil at a Seattle hotel while awaiting the verdict from Italy. The group of about a dozen burst into applause and cheers when they got word that the murder charge against Knox was overturned.

In an emotional statement, family friend Tom Wright congratulated the former University of Washington student and wished her "Godspeed" on her journey home.

"To Amanda herself we say, 'Way to go, kid.'. We look forward to welcoming you home with open arms and open hearts. You will well deserve all the joy and warmth and fun of your normal life returned to you," Wright said.

Wright said he's also mindful today of the sorrow of the British family of murder victim Meredith Kercher. He expressed sympathy for the Kercher's pain and what he called their "unfathomable loss."

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