Seattle Public Campaign Financing Gaining in Vote Tally

Nov 19, 2013

There’s the possibility of another election turnaround.

First there was Kshama Sawant’s dramatic post-election night come-from-behind win over Seattle City Council member Richard Conlin. Now, supporters of Seattle Proposition 1 hope it’s their turn.

Seattle Prop. 1 was losing by more than 7,000 votes or 8 percentage points on election night, but has been gaining ground in every King County vote drop since and is now down by 1,496 votes. Supporters have been beating the bushes for uncounted votes, and they see a real shot at winning.

Seattle Prop. 1 would provide some public financing for city council campaigns.

Campaign spokesman Rory O’Sullivan says, over the weekend an army of volunteers  knocked on doors and worked the phones, contacting the thousands of voters whose ballots were rejected in some cases because their signature was missing. O’Sullivan says such voters have to take action by sending back affidavit to the county.

“Even if they take a picture of their affidavit with their cell phone and email it to the county, the county can use that form of verification," he said. "We just do everything we can to make sure that form gets in."

O'Sullivan is convinced the supporters' efforts are paying off. In the first vote tally after the weekend blitz by volunteers, the Yes on Prop. 1 side was still losing, but had narrowed the gap by 600 votes.