Seattle Lays Out Snow Removal Plans

Nov 9, 2010

 Seattle says it can handle the snow this time around.  In 2008, the city was paralyzed by a series of storms.  Buses didn’t run, sidewalks were caked with ice and streets weren’t passable for more than a week.

Reports after the fact showed the city was unprepared. Snow routes weren’t plowed.  There was a communication breakdown between Seattle Department of Transportation and Metro Transit officials.

The city’s poor response to the snow storm is often credited with the defeat of former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.

At a news conference Tuesday morning, Mayor Mike McGinn will outline how the city will prioritize snow removal.  According to

KING-TV, for example, Seattle won’t make any attempt to clear Queen Anne Avenue North on Queen Anne Hill.  Officials say it’s a waste of time to concentrate on such steep slopes.