Seattle high school students plan walkout over police conduct

Jan 25, 2011

Some Seattle high school students plan to walk out of class tomorrow, Wednesday, as part of a protest against police brutality and misconduct.  They plan to rally at Victor Steinbrueck Park near Pike Place Market at 1 p.m.

High school senior Tanisha Bradford, who doesn't want to say what school she attends,  is with the group organizing the event, 90's Upheaval.  The name comes from the fact that everyone in the group was born in the 1990's.

Bradford says the protest is in response to several high profile cases including the shooting of woodcarver John T. Williams by Seattle police officer Ian Birk.  She says she wants everyone to know that the 90's generation are committed to changing things and speaking out  is part of that.

 “I think that (police brutality) needs to be confronted before somebody else is killed or assaulted or harrassed.”

 This is the last week of the  semester for Seattle Public Schools and some students will be ditching finals to go to the rally.  But Bradford says the group is also telling students they can come to the rally after school  if they don't want to miss a final.