Seahawks Fans Wait In Rain To Sign New York-Bound 12th Man Flag

Jan 29, 2014

The rain didn’t dampen the spirit of Seahawks fans who turned out in force for a rally and flag signing at the Seattle Center on Wednesday.

After Mayor Ed Murray and former Seahawks players spoke from an open air stage, a 12th man flag that had flown on top of the Seattle Space Needle was taken down and put in a tent. Fans lined up to sign it.

Wes Peper, like nearly everyone at the rally, was dressed in blue and green Seahawks gear. He said he's waited a long time for the Seahawks to make it back to the Super Bowl.

"I’ve still got the 2005 [NFC Championship] button on me, and I'm waiting for them to bring home the trophy. They got robbed back in 'o5,” Peper said.

That's a common sentiment in the crowd, that bad calls from the refs did the Seahawks in the last time they went to the Super Bowl.

The crowd cheered for the mayor when he reminded them that this is officially Seahawks week in Seattle.

“And we want everyone to wear blue and while everyone can’t go to New Jersey, you can be loud enough in Seattle so they can hear you in New Jersey,” Murray said.

Then the 12th man flag that was raised over the Space Needle earlier in the day by 1979 NBA champion Seattle SuperSonics coach Lenny Wilkens was lowered.

For several hours, fans took their turns signing the flag. A man who identified himself as "C.D." was excited to get his turn.

"Being part of something, part of the Super Bowl — that's what it's all about. We've got to win this one. They cheated us out of the last one. Twelfth man, loud like a rock band," he said.

The signed flag will go to New York where it will be paraded around the streets, then given to the Seahawks team before Sunday's game.