Sammamish is America's friendliest town

Dec 21, 2012

Forbes has rated America's friendliest towns and Sammamish is at the top of the list.

Forbes describes the Eastside suburb as a community where "wives swap recipes while their husbands trade tools" (am I the only one having a Stepford Wives flashback?).

Other contributing factors include a crime rate that's 90% below the national average, and a healthy economic environment where nearly 90% of residents own their own homes.

Here are the top 5 friendliest towns according to Forbes:

  1. Sammamish, WA
  2. Orinda, CA
  3. Fishers, IN
  4. Seal Beach, CA
  5. Westerville, OH

Forbes and evaluated 500 small metro areas with populations between 5,500 and 150,000.

They rated the top 15 based on education, crime rate, charitable giving and home ownership.