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The Rumba Kings Presented by KNKX

Mar 9, 2018


Their style of Mediterranean nylon guitar-driven music is romantic, soulful, and passionate, delivered with an energetic and emotionally-impacting live performance. 

The Rumba Kings were formed in Seattle in June 2015 by producer/musician, Johnny Bacolas, a native of Seattle, WA, and guitarist/bouzouki player George Stevens, a native of Orange County, CA. Accompaniment musicians, guitarist Teddy Adams, drummer Andrey Zasypkin, and percussionist Tor Dietrichson, were later recruited and consistently perform live with the group, as well as perform on several of the band’s recordings. 

The band puts a big emphasis on their showmanship. Guitarist, George Stevens says, “I like to integrate a show when I perform, by dancing while I play, and reacting with the crowd. I want to give the audience a heightened experience of not only the music, but also the visual aspect.” 

Bacolas and Stevens began writing and recording the band's debut double-disc record titled, "The Instrumental & Vocal Sessions, Vol I.", after meeting through a mutual friend, shortly after Stevens relocated his family to Seattle from California. Talking about the band's music Stevens says, “I’ve never been more inspired to write and perform. This is the music I’ve always dreamed of recording and performing." Bacolas, the band's bassist and producer says, "I've been working on putting together a band like this for years, a cross between the beautiful romantic melodies of Yanni's music (but with nylon guitar-based music instead of piano-based), combined with the energy and passion of the Gipsy King's music and live performances. This has been a long-standing vision and dream of mine. It's finally here."