Warning: Dogs will find fireworks on state ferries

Jun 27, 2011

The Washington State Patrol says dogs that sniff for explosives at state ferry terminals will find fireworks.

The patrol says ferry riders should store fireworks where they are accessible for troopers to examine. Any illegal fireworks will be confiscated, and the owners could be prosecuted.

The state patrol also published a round-up of fireworks-related incidents as a reminder of what can happen when fireworks are used carelessly.

  • There were 576 injuries and fires reported to the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office in 2010 by fire departments and hospitals – 414 fires and 162 injuries. 
  • The majority of incidents occur on July 4th. 
  • Most incidents were caused by males between the ages of 15-21. 

The incidents of greatest concern were:

  • 18 residential fires totaling $1.4 million in loss, four were caused by illegal devices, one was caused by a legal device and 13 were caused by an unknown type of firework device.
  • Eight sparkler bomb incidents included four fires/explosions and four injuries to faces and hands. These devices are considered improvised explosive devices and are  illegal in the United States. Injuries from one of these devices include metal puncture wounds with burns from the hot metal, burns and tears to the hands, and trauma to the face, chest and legs.

The patrol hopes you’ll remember the three B’s of fireworks safety: 

  • Be Prepared – Have water nearby and put pets indoors,
  • Be Safe – Only adults should light fireworks, and
  • Be Responsible – Clean up fireworks debris.