Rockstar dreams

Mar 1, 2012

Early humans thought dreams were messages from the Gods, but to Freud it was unconscious wish-fulfillment. It wasn’t until 1952 that REM sleep was discovered, and the fact that our brains are quite active while we sleep.

Humans aren’t the only dreamers. Monkeys, cats, elephants all experience dreams. So, in the interest of science, Record Bin Roulette offers perhaps the first cute puppy video ever shown on, here’s a little doggie dreaming:

Some great discoveries have come from dreams and daydreams…the sewing machine, benzene, the theory of relativity…And of course pop musicians have mined the dream landscape for hit songs. The Lovin’ Spoonful hit it big with “Daydream”:

People all over the world have certain things in common when it comes to dreaming, namely we all have anxiety dreams of some sort, whether it’s falling off a skyscraper or getting eaten by a giant iguana. Also, despite all the fuss about having sex in dreams, it only happens about 10% of the time. Darn.

Roy Orbison has said that his hit “In Dreams” came to him while he was sleeping, and David Lynch chose the sublime tune for the film Blue Velvet, giving the song a more sinister feel:

Aww… just one more video of a cute puppy dreaming: