Recall of Pacific mayor certified

Jul 9, 2013

The small city of Pacific, Wash., on the King-Pierce county line has been told that the results of a recent election recalling Mayor Cy Sun have been certified.

City Councilman James McMahan is the new acting mayor. He said in a statement that the City Council planned to meet Tuesday evening to begin the process of appointing a new mayor. The council intends to only consider nominations of current council members.

A Wednesday evening public meeting is planned with the nominees. McMahan says the council hopes to appoint a new mayor Thursday evening.

Sun ran on an anti-corruption campaign in 2011 and won as a write-in candidate. He's fired police chiefs and other city employees, prompting lawsuits against the town.

The recall accused him of jeopardizing the town's insurance by leaving some jobs vacant.

McMahan says Sun turned in his keys and other city equipment late last week.