Pumping Out Cold and Hot Blooded Hits

Jun 28, 2012

That red stuff pumping through our bodies has inspired more than a few hit songs.

Some border on the grisly—Nervous Norvous reached the charts in 1956 with the grisly “Transfusion”. With lyrics like “Slip the blood to me, Bud” and “Pump the juice to me, Bruce”, it was considered offensive to many, and banned from some radio stations. But it also gave famed radio DJ Dr. Demento his name. After Barrett Hansen played “Transfusion” on the radio, people said he had to be ‘demented.’ He was, and the name stuck.

We found some of the usual hard rock suspects in our bloody search. This may be Alice Cooper’s most sensitive moment, “Only Women Bleed”:

An unexpected find was this educational video all about blood with music by the alternative rock band They Might Be Giants. Maybe they had to do community service? Here’s “Bloodmobile”:

And because you can never get enough of strutting, preening rock stars, especially on NPR,  here’s Foreigner performing “Hot Blooded”: