Protesting sexual assault: Seattle SlutWalk rally on Sunday

Jun 17, 2011

Earlier this year, a Toronto police officer suggested women could avoid sexual assault by "not dressing like sluts." That comment incited an international movement called SlutWalk, where activists dress in skimpy outfits to protest the treatment of sexual assault victims. This Sunday, June 19, Seattle will hold its own SlutWalk.

Jessi Murray is one of the rally’s three organizers: 

It’s against that mentality of, if a rape or sexual assault occurs, probably the woman had something to do with it to bring it on. And we really want to shift the dialogue. We shouldn’t be telling people not to get raped, we should be telling people not to rape. 

Murray said about 8,000 Facebook activists have agreed to join the march on Sunday but she’ll be happy if only half those show up.

The rally starts at noon at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, and will end at about 3 pm with a series of speakers at Westlake Center.