Plied (with) Green Tomatoes

Sep 11, 2013

I like everything made from tomatoes.  I just don't like the tomatoes themselves.  Or anything containing identifiable parts of them. 

Yet when Nancy Leson plied me with some of the  green tomato relish she'd made, I had to admit I liked it.  

Nancy has a history with green tomatoes. She described for me the method for Southern cooking maven Edna Lewis' green tomato relish and also shared a recipe for green tomato chutney from Kevin West's Saving the Season

Me, I'm going to try that relish recipe with some of my Cubanelle peppers, just now ripe. No, they're not green and they're not tomatoes, but I'll bet they work just fine.

Q: How do you fix a sliced tomato?

A: With tomato paste.

– 4th Grade