The Overcast: Seattle Wants An Income Tax But It's Complicated

Jun 30, 2017

The Seattle City Council plans on passing a local income tax in the next couple weeks. But there are a lot of questions about a potential city income tax in a state that doesn't have one.

The most pressing question might be whether the tax would be legal. Even if it isn't, does that even matter?

Seattle Times political reporter Jim Brunner and City Hall reporter Dan Beekman dive into the issue on the latest episode of The Overcast, their weekly politics podcast recorded at KNKX.

They spoke with John Burbank, executive director of the Economic Opportunity Institute and income tax advocate; and with income tax opponent Jason Mercier with the Washington Policy Center.

Below you can hear an excerpt of their conversation dealing specifically with the legal questions surrounding the income tax.

To hear more about the specifics of Seattle's proposal and what it could mean for the rest of the state, check out the whole podcast. You can find The Overcast on iTunes, Tunein, Sticher and SoundCloud.