Oregon governor continues push for electrical vehicle tax

Aug 25, 2011

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has not given up on the idea of a mileage tax paid by electric vehicle owners. The tax is meant to offset the lack of gas taxes paid by people who drive electric cars.

A measure that would have slapped a .85 cents per mile tax on such drivers died in a legislative committee this year. But Kitzhaber told members of the Oregon Transportation Commission Wednesday that he wants them to keep the issue alive.

"We shouldn't be afraid of this one," Kitzhaber says. "I continue to fully support your efforts and will be happy to lead on that at your recommendation at the appropriate time."

A task force will meet in October to consider a possible new version of the legislation.

Oregon has been discussing mileage-based user fees for more than a decade. A bill that would have created a surcharge for electric vehicle drivers in Washington state failed in Olympia this year.