Occupy Vancouver and Victoria continues past weekend

Oct 17, 2011

Canada joined more than 80 countries around the world this weekend, demonstrating as part of the global wave of protests inspired by the month-long Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City.

Occupy Vancouver and Occupy Victoria protests have so far been peaceful, with the police and government showing little opposition to the protesters who vow to stay "as long as it takes," CBC News reported. Both Occupy movements are setting up for the long-haul with the intention of residing indefinitely as they pitch tents on the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery and in Victoria's Centennial Square.  

The weekend saw almost 4,000 protesters in Vancouver and about 1,000 in Victoria. On Monday, the numbers had significantly dwindled as the work week began.

More assemblies planned

The protesters in both cities remain determined, however, with general assemblies planned to determine the future of the movement - including issues such as funding, food and first aid.

In Victoria, a small tent city has blossomed in Centennial Square, and protesters have praised Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin for not calling in the police to disrupt the protest, as camping in public parks is illegal in Victoria. Fortin has shown no signs of opposing it nor did he clamp down on a demonstration and march through downtown Victoria on Saturday by more than 1,000 people.

The protests in Victoria were actually met with approval by the B.C. legislature, reports Victoria News.

The protest approval letter even tells permit applicant and one of Occupy Victoria's organizers Josh Steffler: "I wish you the best with your upcoming event."

Both protest movements, like their New York inspiration, stresses the fraud and corruption of corporations, banks and the ultra rich.

Similar protests remain throughout Canada, in places such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax and Edmonton.

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