Occupy Seattle rally ends peacefully, gathers back at college

Nov 18, 2011

Occupy Seattle demonstrators are back at Seattle Central Community College this morning after a largely peaceful protest in the University District last night.

About 600 people, including labor union members and students, came out in support of the “National Day of Action.”

The event marked the two month anniversary of the Occupy movement. Joseph Rodriguez has been staying at the Occupy Seattle camp since it moved to Capitol Hill in October. He says one reason the march went off without incident is because the police kept a low profile.

“Just the bad press the police have been getting with the movements they’ve been breaking up in other parts of the country, I’m not surprised that they’re keep their distance this time," Rodriguez said. "But I won’t be so assured the next time, I’d have to say.”

A KPLU reporter on the scene said police were hardly noticeable at the event. That’s a big contrast to a few days ago, when they peppered sprayed several protesters, including an 84-year-old woman. Police did monitor the event closely, though and gave updates on Twitter as the demonstration moved onto the University Bridge and briefly snarled traffic.

Occupy Seattle protestors say they will continue the movement, even if they’re kicked out of their camp at Seattle Central Community College.