Occupy Seattle protesters still say they won't abandon Westlake Park

Oct 12, 2011

Mayor Mike McGinn has once again told Occupy Seattle protesters at Westlake Park that they must follow the rules against camping in the park. 

Occupy Seattle protesters say they will expand to City Hall but won’t abandon Westlake.

In a statement issued Wednesday morning he said:

"I have instructed the Parks Department and the Seattle Police Department to enforce the rules at Westlake Park, starting this morning.  This includes prhibitions against camping and unpermitted activity."

Around 75 people slept under tarps at Westlake Park Tuesday night and have repeatedly defied orders to move.

Move to City Hall?

Mayor McGinn has offered demonstrators space on City Hall plaza.

Occupy Seattle organizers did pack up and move medical supplies and food stored in a large tent. They said they don’t want to risk losing the stuff if the city takes the tent away.

Squirt gun incident

Meanwhile, an Occupy Seattle demonstrator accused of squirting a water pistol at a police officer has been charged with misdemeanor assault, reckless endangerment and obstructing an officer.

The city attorney's office said Wednesday it charged Juston D. Thompson of Seattle with offenses that could land him in jail for a year, if convicted. He was arrested Saturday and released on $1,400 bail. He's due in Seattle Municipal Court Nov. 14.

Cold, wet nights

It was cold and windy Tuesday night and some people in the park were treated for mild hypothermia, according to volunteer medics with Occupy Seattle.

"We provided them with pocket warmers, the disposable kind. We also provided them with blankets that have been coming in. And we've been giving people hot liquids and having our volunteer medics wander the camp, just making sure we're not losing anybody," said a woman who goes by the name Regina.

Hundreds of students are expected to join the protest this afternoon around 2 p.m. A student organized walk out is planned at the University of Washington and Seattle Central Community College.

Celebrities on national front

Celebrities from Kanye West to Roseanne Barr are coming out in support of the protest on Wall Street. The nearly monthlong demonstrations in lower Manhattan have also earned visits from people including Russell Simmmons, Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo and others.

Their involvement suggests broadening cultural support for the protests, which take on Wall Street companies and denounce what the protesters see as corporate greed.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore earlier visited the protesters, as did actor Tim Robbins, rapper Talib Kweli and "Gossip Girl" actor Penn Badgley.