'Occupy Seattle' arrests hit 25; protesters still occupy Westlake Park

Oct 6, 2011

Occupy Seattle demonstrators vow to press on, despite yesterday's arrests of 25 protesters who refused to remove their tents from a downtown Seattle park.

Early Thursday morning roughly 30 people were in their sleeping bags huddled under awnings of businesses that boarder the east side of Westlake Park. By noon there were roughly that many protesters still in the park.

Protesters have been camping at the park since the weekend in support of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York. Most of the demonstration on yesterday was peaceful, except for the few tense moments that led to arrests.

The national scene

President Barack Obama said this morning that the demonstrators protesting against Wall Street and economic inequality are expressing the frustrations of the American public.

Speaking at a White House news conference, Obama says he understands the public's concerns about how the nation's financial system works. And he says Americans see Wall Street as an example of the financial industry not always following the rules.  But he says the U.S. must have a strong and effective financial sector for the economy to grow.

The Occupy Wall Street protests started Sept. 17 in New York. Related demonstrations have popped up around the country.

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