Occupy Olympia activists ignore deadline, take over vacant building

Dec 16, 2011

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Several campers did fold their tents, but Occupy Olympia activists largely ignored a midnight deadline lastnight to vacate Heritage Park on Washington’s Capitol campus. Instead, they held a rally and then took over an abandoned building across the street.

At one point there was a call for wooden pallets.

Call and Response: “Or other blockading material (audience repeats). So we can barricade inside.”

Olympia Police watched from a distance. Among those gathered outside the building was Evergreen State College professor Peter Bohmer .

“People decided as a way of continuing the occupation to occupy this building. As far I know this building used to be the county Department of Health and also the Housing Authority so it’s very symbolic,” Bohmer said.

Occupy activists quickly hung banners from the roof. One read: “You can’t evict an idea.”

Thursday, Governor Chris Gregoire issued an eviction notice to campers at Heritage Park. It came more than a month after residents were asked to leave voluntarily, and two months after the camp was established. It’s not clear if or when the State Patrol will move in to clear the remaining tents.

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