Occupy Eugene protestors move to University of Oregon

Oct 28, 2011

Occupy Eugene protestors moved from Alton Baker Park to the University of Oregon Thursday. But after hours of negotiations with U of O officials, they're spending the weekend on a grassy strip on the edge of campus.

Occupy Eugene marched to the U of O Thursday and held a rally in the memorial quad.

U of O spokesman Phil Weiler says while the rally was fine, the University did not want protestors to camp in the quad, near classrooms and the library. Representatives of the University and Occupy Eugene negotiated into the evening to come up with a solution.

"Both groups were talking in good faith and the university was able to find an alternative site that met the needs of the movement but also allowed us to continue to provide an environment that was conducive to teaching and research here on the main University campus," Weiler says.

The University is providing an area off the main campus for Occupy Eugene campers to stay. They've set up lighting, toilets and a fenced area for dogs.

This is a temporary solution. The U of O wants Occupy Eugene protestors to move by 8 o'clock Monday morning.

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